The Virtual Trainer v1


2-part intensive video-driven course that delivers all the tools and best practices for creating, promoting, and leading powerfully inspiring live interactive classes online. *Last updated November 2020; some product info and links may have changed, but the best practices remain the same!

The COVID-19 crisis changed the world. Everyone is moving online and education will never be the same. Are you ready? Do you have the ability to teach to a virtual audience? In this new reality do you know what it takes to stay relevant? This two-day course delivers the goods – all the tools and techniques you need to be a powerful, engaging, inspiring leader in interactive online education.

The good news is that if you have a smartphone or a laptop with a webcam you already have the tools you need to get started. The Virtual Trainer course is the next step.


Just about everyone has at least experimented with video chat by now, but very few of us have dialed in what it means to teach effectively to a live audience online. After four years of doing exactly that (building on more than forty years in education) we are here to share everything we have learned with you.


Teaching to a camera is different than teaching on stage or in front of a class. Transition to online training right now while leveling up your professional standards!

After this 2-day program with Master Facilitators Chris Baran and Chris Moody, you will be ready to lead online classes for 2 to 1,000. We unpack four years of digital learning – all our mistakes and all our successes. You will confidently transition your facilitation skills for a virtual audience and follow up to make sure every learner comes back for more.


PREP: Setup, Design, Promote
  • How to plan and promote your events
  • How to effectively translate your class for the camera
  • The equipment from basic to pro; single camera, multicam, audio, lighting
PRESENT: Open, Deliver, Close
  • Facilitating online – the huge and vital differences; online etiquette
  • Engagement – encourage participation and create interaction with your audience
  • Open big, close big – Set them up to win from the start. First impressions and lasting impressions: make sure you leave them wanting more.
POST: Capture, Enhance, Amplify
  • Follow up – turn them into fans for life with value-adds
  • Fail up – Don’t sweat the mistakes. Here’s where we build on the wins
  • Scale up – if it worked once for 10 it will work a hundred times for 20


  • Setup, Code of Honor
  • Context, setting up participation
  • Using the Chat Box
  • Introducing Prep, Present, Post
  • Introducing the differences between teaching live and to a virtual audience
  • Introducing Breakout Rooms: etiquette, participation
  • Breakout: discuss prep for a class IRL; return and debrief
  • Prepping for a virtual class: agenda, cue sheet, pink sheet, show flow, essential gear, environment
  • Breakout: discuss how to demo for a class IRL; return and debrief
  • Presenting to a virtual class: welcome, framing, confidence monitor, presenting to camera, using chat, flip charts, background, environment, displays, branding
  • 1st Exercise: designated timekeeper, 3-5min presentation to your group, coaching your peers; what does good coaching look like? Return and debrief
  • Introducing Zoom: launch and setup, essential security, scheduling and invitations, Waiting Rooms, Share Screen, recording and where to find it afterward
  • The basics of how to Close, Review & Summarize, next steps, ARC
  • Breakout: practice how to debrief and review your wins
  • Reviewing the day; preview Part 2: Dialing it up: Zoom tech, co-hosts, music, breakouts, polling, social media
  • Assignment: plan a 3-min presentation including Screen Share, set up your own meeting, invite your group, use your Waiting Room, record your presentation


  • Welcome back, check-in
  • Breakout: quick review of Part 1; return and share discoveries
  • Going deeper into class setup
  • Workshops: the See/Do format
  • CB models a simple workshop to highlight the differences for a virtual audience
  • Breakout: take turns teaching a simple task, with a designated someone who needs correction; return and debrief
  • Tech talk: good slides vs bad slides, using a second screen such as an iPad
  • Upping your production value with videos and music
  • Customizing Zoom; managing Breakout Rooms
  • Testimonials: how to get other people to say how great you are
  • Monetizing your class: it’s ok to get paid; here’s how you do it
  • GGA: giving value to their attention
  • Funneling: service before sales
  • Breakout: discuss your biggest takeaways and your intentions going forward
  • ARC: share your experiences, connect to each others’ channels, tag us in your events
  • Become the best: the elite facilitator’s coaching and mentorship program online every week with Chris and Chris. Check out GPS at:
  • Want us to produce your event? Get in touch with Lee at Cut Action Media


Chris Baran

Almost 15 years ago Chris changed the world with the best-selling principle-based hair education system you could learn in your living room. Always innovating, he took it online with Stylist Toolbox and most recently with Together with Chris Moody, he produces the Global Peak Performance System (GPS), helping educators reach their full facilitation potential with weekly live interactive online training. Together they now bring that online education A-Game to you.

Chris Moody

Chris has been instrumental in bringing online facilitation training to the world. He sees a real need for more salon educators to have more access to real training – not just in how to teach hair styling, but fundamentally how to become better teachers. His partnership with Chris Baran has led to the development of the Superstar Educator Program, an invaluable asset in becoming the best educator you can be, and leveling up your business.

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