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Decades ago Chris Baran faced the eternal challenge 🧐 of all salon owners: When it’s busy, how do you find the time to train your staff to your high standards? 🥵 And when it’s slow and you can’t afford not to take a chair? 😱 It’s the unsolvable problem. So he got to work solving it. 🤯 Here are the results: associate training ✅ design & finishing training ✅ and educator training ✅ all designed to be learner-driven so salon owners can step back and do their real job: building a successful business 💰 that creates more jobs 💰💰💰

1. The Courses

Salon Associate Accelerator

Get them on the floor in two weeks and generating revenue directly in less than three months with client-ready skills that meet or exceed your salon standards.

Design and Finishing

Understand haircutting instead of memorizing haircuts. 7 face shapes, 4 profiles. Straight, wave, frizz, curls. Brushes, hot tools, countless products made easy. Make all decisions with confidence.

Superstar Educator

Great educators are masters of engagement. They lead you in a transformative experience. These are the tools they use. Your team culture and your tickets are about to pop.

2. Team Accounts

Grow your team strong and accountable 💪. Learn together with field-tested facilitation techniques. Assign homework, track progress, and check quiz results all from the Group Management tab. This is learning to support each other and celebrate your wins. That’s a huge deal. The Salon Associate Accelerator comes with ten seats and team tracking automatically. To get Superstar Educator and Design & Finishing for your team, look for the team versions in the shop.

3. Ok! Now What?

After your purchase you will receive your login credentials by email. Tap the login button at the upper right. Enter your credentials and you should be redirected to your profile page. If not, tap the My Profile button.

4. Your Profile Page

This is your home base. Scroll down to manage your subscriptions, update your payment method, or change your password. Under Registered Courses is a list of everything to which you have access. Tap the name of your course to open it up.

5. The Course Page

Each course looks a little different but they all work the same under the hood. Courses are divided into lessons; each lesson might cover multiple topics. Whether they are shown as a list or as a grid, tap a lesson to get started.

6. The Video Player

Since there is a first time for everybody, we’ll mention that tapping the right-pointing arrow ▶️ will start playing the video. Tapping the two vertical slashes ⏸ will pause the video. If you can’t hear anything, check the volume 🔈🔇 on your device.

7. Progress

DOING is the greater part of LEARNING. Seriously, just by working along with the videos your knowledge retention goes from below 👎 30% (passive watching) to above 👍 75% (active learning).

We love goals ✅. We love celebrating wins 🏆 We love watching that little progress meter fill up 🔴🔴🔴🔴⭕️ When you’re confident that you’ve taken in all in, hit the “Mark Complete” button to tap in another win  🙌

Progress meters advance when you tap “Mark Complete”. We find this is a good way of being accountable to yourself – don’t tap it until you own it 💯!

If there’s a Quiz, you’ll need to complete the Quiz before you can tap the Mark Complete button. And all the Quizzes have to be done before you can mark your Course as complete.

8. Navigation

The fastest way to get around in most courses is the sidebar. On a mobile device, sidebar stuff appears below the main content, or it will be collapsed into a little hamburger menu ☰.


9. Other Bits, FAQs, and So Forths

Getting help. If these help docs haven’t solved your problem, please email 📧! We respond to support requests as quickly as we’re able.

Getting help with the Salon Associate Accelerator. Check out the dedicated Facebook community to connect with us and with other salons. Share your wins and your challenges!

Canceling your subscription. Most users keep their subscription active to make sure it’s handy when they need it, but sometimes you gotta go. We get that. We’ll miss you, and we’ll always welcome you back. Please note that when you tap “Cancel” there is no confirmation button. Your subscription will end with your current paid period. Important: refunds cannot be made for subscription products.

First, go to your Profile and tap “My Subscription”.

Then, tap “Cancel”. Please note that when you tap “Cancel” there is no confirmation button. Your subscription is immediately canceled. Your access will end with the current subscription period. Note that we cannot offer a refund for subscriptions.