Quick Start Guide


This is huge. There is so much information here, and even as we add more we are working every day to make it more accessible to more people, so salon superstars just like you can get the knowledge they need to reach their full potential. Owners, educators, and stylists will all find transformative change within these courses, and we are SO EXCITED for you! Chris and Chris have invested decades and a small fortune in putting it all together for you here. This Quick Start Guide tackles the biggest questions first.

1. The Courses

What is it we actually do around here? We empower salon professionals with life-changing principle-based knowledge so that they can fearlessly tackle EVERY situation. It’s a big claim, we get that. After helping hundreds of thousands of owners and stylists smash their goals in business and in life, we get to make claims like that.

We don’t teach haircuts. We teach principle-based Design and Finishing to stylists committed to owning their careers. We don’t teach teachers. We share world-class proven facilitation techniques with leaders in education committed to a transformative experience for their learners. So yeah, that’s what we do. Check out The Courses for details and let’s go change some lives.

2. Team Accounts (Soon)

Very soon now you will be able to purchase courses for the whole team. This is a big deal. Owners or lead educators get the most important tools you can have for growing with built-in accountability. While educators are picking up the latest in facilitation techniques with the Superstar Educator, each member of the salon team will learn the principle-based Design and Finishing skills that will level up rebooks, referrals, and retail. Assign homework, track progress, and check quiz results, all from the Dashboard. Coming soon!

3. I'm In! Now What?

Tap the login button at the upper right and enter the login credentials we sent to you by email. If you are using a shared computer, be sure to log out when you’re done. After you have entered your credentials, you should be redirected to your profile page. If not, tap the Profile button.

4. Your Profile Page

It’s all about you here. Tap “Edit profile” if you want to change your password (always a good idea). Under Registered Courses is a list of everything to which you have access. Tap the name of your course to open it up.

5. The Course Page

Courses are divided into Lessons, which cover Topics. Tap a Lesson to open its Topics, and tap a Topic to get started.

6. The Video Page

Since there is a first time for everybody, we’ll mention that tapping the right-pointing arrow will start playing the video. Tapping the two vertical slashes will pause the video.

7. Progress

We love goals. We love celebrating our wins. We love watching that little progress meter fill up. When a video finishes playing, the “Mark Complete” button will light up. Give yourself a high five and tap in another win.

Above the video is the Topic Progress tracker for the Lesson, and at the upper right is the My Progress tracker for the Course. These don’t change unless you tap “Mark Complete”. We find this is a good way of being your own best judge – don’t mark it until you own it!

If the Topic has a quiz, you’ll need to complete the quiz before you can mark the Topic as complete.

8. Navigation

The fastest way to get around in here is usually the sidebar. On a mobile device, sidebar stuff appears below the main content.