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The ultimate salon educator’s resource. Facilitation training, plus full access to Design, Finishing, the Trainer’s Playbook, PLUS invitations to live online coaching with Chris Baran and Chris Moody all for one tiny price. A $3000 value. That’s nuts. That’s everything you need to become a Superstar Educator.

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Facilitation: 50 videos right now, with hundreds more already in the works covering Head, Hands, and Heart - the three major facets that dictate exactly how successful your business will be. Dive deep from mindset, habits, and goals, down through service, consultation, and retail, and into technique, teaching, and training. A Superstar Educator guides the team to new wins in every facet, and these videos guide the Superstar Educator.
Design: 52 videos delivering the Principles of Design: Shape, movement, headform, graduation. Unlock creativity and communicate your vision. Know how to recreate any hair design, even from a photo, by deconstructing its points, lines, and angles. Learn more.
Finishing: 74 videos clearly covering the Principles of Finishing. A results-oriented examination of brushes, hot tools, and styling products. These are the techniques used by editorial stylists to create any style from any head of hair, whether it starts straight, wavy, or frizzy. Instantly analyze face shapes and profiles to determine the suitability of any hairstyle for every client, and make the right choices every time. Learn more.
The Playbook: 82 videos. In Design, we break out all the information a stylist needs to master the art and science of hair design, and thousands of stylists all over the world will tell you in three different languages that it works! In a salon or school environment we take it to a whole new level with tried and true facilitation techniques applied directly to Design lessons. This is how you teach Design. Plus invaluable skills & drills for tools, plus body mechanics, plus the very best way of teaching your team how to determine suitable styling for all face shapes and profiles. Learn more.
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If you’ve been keeping count, that’s 258 videos answering all the questions we’ve encountered in 40 years of educating stylists and training trainers.


Why does a salon owner or educator need facilitation training?

The best educators in the world don’t just recite the material. They enroll us, they engage us, and anything they say is going to stick with us for life. They could be talking about dishwashers and we’d still tell all our friends that they just gotta check it out.

It’s not about pumping us full of information. It’s about getting us pumped up.

Check out world-renowned stylist and educator Chris Moody on how to grab your audience right from the first minute:

Can you think of any salon owners that might be interested in a fully charged up and motivated team?

But wait, there’s more. Facilitation training also equips us to deal most effectively with clientele. Take the friction out of any conversation. Upsell without ever feeling like a salesman. Turn every client into a walking testimonial. You will see more rebooks, referrals, and retail sales. Guaranteed.


Here’s where it gets crazy. The Superstar Educator video library will help you facilitate any situation, this is true. But since we are, after all, hair people just like you, we’ve loaded this package with everything we have to offer, and then we discounted it down to practically pennies so that every educator out there can join us in elevating the entire industry. Check it out:

Nearly 50 facilitation videos (and many more on the way) with Chris Baran and Chris Moody covering topics like

  • getting your team onside with new ideas
  • coaching vs training and when to use which
  • 5 steps to making confrontation a breeze
  • the 4 steps to super effective coaching in a see-do environment
  • cultivating culture and confidence starting now

Some aesthetics schools commit 10 sessions to Design. We make them count. We took Chris Baran’s award-winning best-selling life-changing Design program and cut it down to the laser-focused essentials. This is the Educator’s Version of that 10-session edition — same targeted education PLUS each session comes with proven tips, techniques, and simple games for engaging your learners, even if you’re prepping just the evening before. This alone is worth the price of admission, ladies and gentlemen.

52 videos making hair design so easy to understand that you will literally never need to learn another haircut. See a design and break it down to its elements: point, line, and angle. Master elevation and over-direction. Know before you cut how each movement affects the outcome. Everything you need to create, recreate, and communicate any hair design any time.

First, let’s hammer the headline, this collection of 82 videos is your absolute best tool for teaching design. A treasure trove of tools for engaging your learners with maximum participation. Use it for prep the night before, and be ready to change some lives in the morning. This edition now includes a ton of new info on tool skills & drills and determining hairstyle suitability. It makes teaching Design easy while helping you become a better facilitator at the same time.

74 videos systematically covering the principles of finishing hair. Seven face shapes, four profile types. Straight, wave, frizz, or curls. A multitude of brushes and hot tools. Countless hair products. We cover ALL of them and we make it easy and fun. When you know the principles of finishing hair, you will make decisions with confidence. Take your clients from WHAT I HAVE to WHAT I WANT successfully every time.


PLUS exclusively for Superstar Educators we open the channels once a month for Ask Us Anything with Chris and Chris. Join us live online with all your burning questions and compare notes with other educators. Got challenges motivating your team? We got you. Struggling to explain finger angle versus finger position? We got you. Need a fast track for your new hire? We got you. No idea how to explain quantum theory? We’ll tweet Neil DeGrasse Tyson. We got you!