• What if every conversation was a win?
  • What if your whole staff were united in driving your business upward?
  • What if unhappy clients were unheard of?

Facilitation = Smoothing the Way

  • Over 100 videos loaded with proven leadership tools
  • Grow a team of motivated, dedicated professionals
  • Create and live with a team code of honor
  • Make a habit out of positive mindset
  • Conflict resolution made easy
  • Cultivate a culture of learning and winning
  • Easily develop positive business-building habits
  • Identify and resolve all resistance
  • Pivot your team’s sales mindset
  • Turn incremental change into massive profit
  • Tons (and tons) of proven team management tools
  • Turn every client into a walking talking testimonial

Just Follow the Path

Sometimes a question is big and fuzzy. What’s the best way to coach? How do I get my whole team to participate? How do I deal with conflict? How does it work in MY salon? How do I tackle a complex problem?
We created Paths – collections of videos that break complex issues down to their parts so they become as easy as, well, following a path. We start with the big fuzzy question, and then we solve it. Here’s a sample:

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