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Superstar Educator Let’s be real: Lots of people are good at something. Fewer people are good at teaching it. And then there are those rare legends who can take a roomful of people through a powerful experience in personal and professional growth. The big secret is that they use a specific set of tools to […]

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The Virtual Trainer v1

How to Win at Live Online Education Chris Baran and Chris Moody have been leading live, interactive online education for four years. When the world stumbled into the pandemic crisis of COVID-19, their skills became essential overnight. This two-part course (8+ hrs) delivers everything they’ve learned, from the tools to the best practices, so you

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Design Playbook

This is your go-to resource for teaching Design; a treasure trove of tools for engaging your learners with maximum participation. Use it for prep the night before, and be ready to change some lives in the morning. This edition now includes a ton of new info on tool skills & drills, teaching how to determine

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