Design Playbook (Subscription)

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This is your go-to resource for teaching Design in a salon or school setting; a treasure trove of tools for engaging your learners with maximum participation. Use it for prep the night before, and be ready to change some lives in the morning. This edition now includes a ton of new info on tool skills & drills and determining hairstyle suitability.

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The Magic Prep Gun

First, let’s hammer the headline: This collection is your absolute best tool for teaching Design. Before you go into tomorrow’s class, review the Design video, then watch the related facilitation video here. You’ll get tried and true tricks and techniques for teaching each lesson with maximum engagement. And of course these tools apply in any classroom setting, and even in your day-to-day interactions in the salon.

"I've been shooting video with Chris for ten years, and never really picked anything up. Suddenly it's all clicking. I've learned more in the last two weeks than the rest of it combined."
Adrian Taverner
Camera Operator

Set Up To Win

You will hit the ground running right from day one with a ton of helpful information:

  • how to use the Design videos
  • how to use these videos
  • how to set up the learning environment
  • how to set up your learners to win
  • how to hold your team accountable

The Power of Principles

Give a man a fish or teach a man to fish? That’s what it comes down to. Would you rather teach a haircut, or would you rather show your learners how to cut any head of hair into any design? We’ll help you get your learners excited about understanding versus memorizing. Get ready to change some lives.

Lesson by lesson, we’re with you as you introduce the Principles of Shape, Headform, and the Six-Panel Bob. We go deep with the four types of graduation, the Principles of Movement, and the absolute best ways to bring out the Principles of Suitability for your team.

The Mechanics

New for this edition is a ton of new material you will love. In Body Mechanics, we’ll give you some solid gold tips learned the hard way by veterans of the industry. Your learners will be cutting more accurately overnight, and enjoying long healthy careers without back and shoulder pain!

In Scissor Mechanics, we’ve got essential skills and drills that will save you time in class, and have your learners cutting smarter in no time.

Changing Lives

There is a lot of how-to in this collection, but we want to be clear: the teachers we remember are the ones who got us excited about learning. The ones who invited us in and made growing an active process. We remember their influence, and we have carried what they taught us ever since. It is our hope that this collection helps you become one of those transformative teachers.