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You completed and you scored your salon % overall.

For lots more detail, including the score by category, check the report in your profile. Your login info is in our earlier email.

  1. Go to Trainers Playbook and login at the upper right.
  2. If you don’t know your login info, you can request a password reset on the login page.
  3. Tap on Profile at the upper right if you are not redirected to your profile automatically.
  4. Tap the little arrow to open “The Stylists Salon Assessment” scorecard. If you tap the title instead, you’ll start the assessment again.
  5. Then tap on the little clipboard icon.

Stylists Salon Assessment Details

In case you’re wondering, the average score is 53%, and the highest score so far is 82%. To us, this means two things: 1) everybody’s got room to improve, and 2) it’s going to be easier than you think!

We’d like to see your salon climbing the ranks starting right now. If you’re in, turn to the person next to you, give them a high-five and say, “we got this!”

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be in touch with easy ways you can help the team and help yourself. New skills, new focus, and new income.

Yours in learning,

Chris Baran and Chris Moody

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