Group Progress

  1. Select your filters for Group, Course, User, and Status.
  2. Leave a filter blank to include all.
  3. Tap “Filter” to generate your report, which will show up below.
  4. Tap “Download” for a CSV file of your selections.

ProPanel Reporting

Learner Lookup

  • Look up an individual’s course and quiz progress.
  • Smart Search will search as you type — select the user when they appear.
  • From here you can download and print their certificates.

A word of warning

Group Leaders have superpowers. You can modify a learner’s progress here by checking/unchecking boxes. However, higher-level boxes include everything in their sections. Be sure you want to overwrite everything before you tap Confirm!

If you do tap ‘confirm’ and change your mind, the only way to fix it is to go through the checkboxes with your learner and un-check the segments that still need to be completed. This is not something we can help you with.

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