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Hair in 8 Sessions

This accelerated course tags the bases of Principle-Based Design and Finishing. It gives you everything you need to get started. It doesn’t replace the full Design & Finishing courses — which are included with your account, btw. After completing this Express course you’ll be able to pick the rest up at your own pace with no trouble.
  1. The See/Do model: (AKA hair first and ask questions later) We get hands on hair as soon as possible. First we demonstrate one quick idea, then you try it out yourself, then we wrap that experience in some context so it all makes sense. This will boost your understanding by as much as 20x (yes, twenty times). It’s more fun, too.
  2. Each day is divided into activities. Each activity gets its own page. Your educator might use the videos in class but don’t count on it — we highly recommend watching the next day’s videos before you come to class. Think of it as doubling the value of your class time. After all, would you rather come to class with questions, or risk leaving with them?
  3. Quizzes: Yep, there are short quizzes. These are a great way to check that you’ve got a lock on the learning. And if you discover that you’re not quite 100% on something, now is the time to ask.

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