Design Express (Educator’s Edition)

Design Express (Educator’s Edition)

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Setting You Up to Win

This is the fast-track package: eight sessions efficiently packed with all the essentials. It’s not intended to replace Design & Finishing or the Design Playbook, which are all great resources that you absolutely need as a Superstar Educator. But yeah, everything you need to get started facilitating your class right now is right here.

  1. The See/Do model: (AKA hair first and ask questions laterWe try to get hands on hair as soon as possible. First we demonstrate, then we send our learners back to their mannequins to try it out, and then we bring them back to wrap their experience in some context with some easy flip charts. This has been shown to boost understanding by as much as 20x (yes, twenty times). It’s more fun, too.
  2. Each Session is divided into Activities. Each Activity gets its own page. An Activity page usually starts with the Design video that you can play right in class, followed by Review videos just for educators with flip chart info and downloads. Super easy.
  3. Quizzes: Most activities end with a quick quiz in the Learner’s Edition. It’s only five questions and only takes a few minutes. You can check their scores in the Quiz Reports panel under the Group Management tab.
  4. The Final Quiz: The Learner’s Edition has a final quiz (called “Day 9” for them) with 40 questions. They need 85%, or 34/40 in order to pass.
  5. We’ve worked hard to make this package as easy as possible to dive right into. Yes, it will take some energy, but we think a bit of prep the night before (for learners as well as educators) is well worth it to make the next day a big success for everyone. Your learners will love you for it.

Let’s go change some lives.

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