Team Education

How it Works

  1. This is a secret shop. Get here from your profile with the “Group Purchasing” button
  2. Purchase for one group at a time. Design & Finishing (students) is purchased separately from Superstar Educator (educators).
  3. Tap “Add to cart” once and then “View cart”
  4. Select the number of seats.
  5. Enter your discount codes.
  6. NAME YOUR GROUP. We suggest using the course name and start date for easy tracking later
  7. After checkout, fill those seats using the “Group Management” button in your profile


It cannot be changed later!

If the “name your group” field is missing during checkout, our apologies! We are working on it. Here’s the fix:

1 tap your browser’s back button twice to return to this page

2 add Superstar Educator to the cart

3 confirm the Group Name field is now present

4 return to your cart and remove Superstar Educator

5 Name your group and check out as normal.

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