We deliver transformational education systems for stylists, salons, and schools,
drawing on decades of learning and training with the best there is.

Here's how it works

Every salon owner wants a trained team. For many salons, this means the owner has to do all the heavy lifting – taking time away from their own chair to train the stylists, once in a while bringing in expensive outside professionals. It’s hard, it’s inconsistent, and every minute away from the chair is lost revenue.

It’s the same for schools — an unending struggle with staff turnover and inconsistent messaging.

We can help. This is what we do. After a combined 60+ years of training with the best in the world, we’re building a web-based salon education system with two simple objectives:

  • It brings you the absolute best training in the world
  • It does all the hard work for you

We make it easy to lead your staff into becoming a team, and to turn every client into a walking talking testimonial. Get Superstar Educator for your education manager, and grab the exclusive Design and Finishing salon pack (77% off) for your stylists.

And we’ll do all the heavy lifting. That sounds nice, right? Shop for your salon here.


Good help is hard to find. The Superstar Educator system ensures that your educators hit the floor with expert facilitation techniques so that every student is engaged and inspired. PLUS Each Superstar Educator subscription includes Design, Finishing, and the Design Playbook for each educator. Outfit your learners with Design and Finishing, and they will be unbeatable in #salonlife. We guess that will make you look pretty good.

We may be able to offer significant savings for your institution, plus offer world-class training for your educators. Get in touch right now.


You could learn another trendy haircut. And another. And another. Or you could never have to learn another haircut again because you know the Principles of Design and Finishing. Just by seeing it, you can recreate any hairstyle any time. Even from a photo. Unlock your creativity and control your career.

After this, all you need is practice.