Team Education

The team that learns together thrives together. The big feature here is the accountability. Owners and educators can track progress and check quiz results for all their learners so that everyone wins together.

“What if I invest in educating them and they leave?”
“What if I don’t, and they stay?”

Forget about it. The absolute best bet you will make for your business is to educate your team. And when it’s the right education, they don’t just learn haircuts. They become the superstars driving your retail, rebooks, and referrals.

Purchase for each group separately. Put your educators in one basket and name your group as you check out. Then do another round for your stylists. This makes two separate groups, which kinda makes sense, right?

Superstar Educator

The All-Access Pass

The ultimate salon educator’s resource stacked with teaching tools. Facilitation training, Design, Finishing, the Design Playbook, plus quarterly live coaching online with Chris Baran and Chris Moody, all in one subscription. How do you even put a price on that? You can’t. It’s nuts. But every salon needs this. They really do. So we went with “ridiculously affordable”.

Tap the “Get It” button to add one seat to your cart. Add more seats during checkout — one seat for each educator on your team. You and your Group Leader will be able to track progress for all your educators.

But Why?

Every salon needs Design and Finishing training, of course. But why does a salon owner/educator need facilitation training?

The short answer is that a great business requires great leadership – someone who knows where we’re going and how to get there. It’s not about being the boss. It’s about aligning everyone’s goals toward the same end. If everyone feels like they’re winning, everyone works harder because they want more of that feeling. And it’s really not that hard to create a culture of winning if you know how. And your team will love you for it.

But wait, there’s more. Painlessly train your team to feel great about selling. Take the friction out of all conversations. Every client will be a walking talking testimonial to your business. More rebooks, more referrals, and more retail sales. Guaranteed.

Design Playbook

The Swiss Army Knife of Teaching Design

This is your treasure trove of tools for leading your Design learners with maximum engagement. Use it side-by-side with the Design course for prep and more powerful impact. Become a more effective educator while delivering the best Design education on Earth. Oh, did we mention this comes free with a Superstar Educator subscription?

  • how to use the Design videos to educate your team
  • how to use these videos to support those videos
  • practiced and proven methods for teaching each lesson most effectively
  • how to set up the learning environment
  • how to set up your learners to win
  • how to hold your team accountable
  • and so. much. more.
  • NEW BONUS: vital scissor- and body-mechanics skills and drills
  • NEW BONUS: teach your team to determine hairstyle suitability effortlessly every time

Design and Finishing - 1 Seat

Goodbye Guesswork. Hello Guest Work.™

Complete Design and Finishing education. See any design and break it down to its elements: point, line, and angle. Master elevation, over-direction, and finger angle. This is everything you need to know in order to create, recreate, and communicate any hair design any time. Seven face shapes, four profile types. Straight, wave, frizz, and curls. A multitude of brushes and hot tools defined  by purpose. Countless hair products simplified. Make every hair decision with confidence. Take your clients from WHAT I HAVE to WHAT I WANT successfully every time. One seat comes free with each Superstar Educator subscription. Get one more seat for each stylist on your team for on-demand quiz scores and progress tracking.

Tap the “Get It” button to add one seat to your cart. Add one more seat for each stylist during checkout.

BUT WAIT - Check this out

Design and Finishing - Salon Pack

Goodbye Guesswork. Hello Guest Work.™

This salon-only package includes Design and Finishing for 20 stylists for $180/month total (more than 77% off). Your entire team will make every hair decision with confidence. One pack includes 20 seats for one flat monthly rate whether you’re using 9 seats or 19.

Owner/Educators can track learner progress and check quiz results anytime through the Group Management panel.