SSE Quick Start Guide

This is huge. As a Superstar Educator, you get ALL of the SSE videos, ALL of Design, All of Finishing, and ALL of the Trainer’s Playbook. It’s a stunning amount of information. Chris and Chris have invested decades and a small fortune in putting it all together for you here. This Quick Start Guide tackles the biggest questions first.

1. Login

Tap the login button at the upper right and enter your login credentials. If you are using a shared computer, be sure to log out when you’re done. After you have entered your credentials, you should be redirected to your profile page. If not, tap the Profile button.

2. Your Profile Page

It’s all about you here. Tap “Edit profile” if you want to change your password (always a good idea). Under Registered Courses is a list of everything to which you have access. You are a Superstar, so you get it all. Tap “Superstar Educator” to get started.

2b. Stuff You Already Have

Before we move on, farther down the profile page you’ll see the other courses available for purchase. You already have them as part of your Superstar Salon Educator package, so there is no need to purchase them again. We only mention it because there’s nothing actually preventing you from purchasing them again.

3. The Course Page

Tapping “Superstar Educator” on your profile page takes you to the main course page. This course is divided into Hands, Heart, and Head, which is fully explained inside. Tap “Hands” to open the list of videos, and pick any one that strikes your fancy.

4. The Video Page

Since there is a first time for everybody, we’ll mention that tapping the right-pointing arrow will start playing the video. Tapping the two vertical slashes will pause the video.

5. Progress

We love goals. We love celebrating our wins. We love watching that little progress meter fill up. When a video finishes playing, the “Mark Complete” button will light up. Give yourself a high five and tap in another win.

Above the video is the topic tracker for “Hands”, and at the upper right is the progress tracker for the whole Superstar Educator course. These don’t change unless you tap “Mark Complete”. We find this is a good way of being your own best judge – don’t mark it until you own it!

6. Navigation

The fastest way to get around in here is usually the sidebar. Below the video are buttons to advance to the next video or jump back to the previous one.