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Is it MORE work for educators?

An owner reached out to ask how to get her lead educator excited about starting with the Accelerator. When she brought it up, their response was, ‘Will it be more work?”

The short answer is “hell no”.

First, the Jump Start supports how YOUR salon does things, so it’s all stuff your educators are teaching anyway – we just make it easy to stay organized with structure and progress tracking so everything goes faster with better results. And your team will LOVE the standardized assessments.

Then the Accelerator takes over ALL the heavy lifting (and does it fast). Educators assign the work, associates take the videos home and practice, and then the educators check the work. Rinse and repeat until assessment time, and every assessment means the associate is ready for more client work.

So it works faster and easier and takes less work from trainers. But how to get your team excited before they’ve tried it out? My favorite top secret tip is that TRAINERS DON’T HAVE TO KNOW EVERYTHING. They really only have to stay one step ahead. And it’s even easier next time. Seriously, it’s as easy as keeping a calendar and taking notes – using it is easier than not using it.

Ok, I’ll pause the cheerleading for a sec. Since the question came up in the first place, there are a few deeper questions you should be pondering to make sure you and your educator are having the right conversation:

  1. What is the cause of the hesitation? Is it about compensation for the time? Between you and me, if it’s saving YOU time and sanity then it’s worth some added compensation. Note that money is only one form of compensation.
  2. Does the added responsibility come with the opportunity for advancement? Mentor, Education Manager, Artistic Director?
  3. Do you have a succession plan (a personal exit plan, profit sharing…) and is this part of it? Nothing motivates like a feeling of leadership or ownership.
  4. Is it simply the fear of something new, something that feels like it might be an awful lot to take on in an already complex life? In that case, it would certainly help them to know they only need to stay one step ahead and that THEY set the pace (with you, of course).
  5. Tricky one: are they the right fit for the position? They might be a fantastic artist, a model employee, and just not want to teach. Don’t let it hurt the relationship. Move on to the next candidate.

I have a quick video that will be really helpful for you in guiding your educator in the right direction. It’s called Decision Making Criteria and I’ve posted it for you below.

To bring it all home: Q) What is there to get excited about? A) We took something most of us think about as art and wrapped it up in a simple system so that it takes less energy while delivering to the highest standard. LESS work, BETTER results, and the whole team benefits. What’s NOT to get excited about?