Courses for Teams

The big feature for team accounts is the accountability. Owners and educators can track progress and check quiz results for all their learners through the Group Management menu. Tap “Get It” to add a title to your cart, then adjust the number of users at check out.

Example Recipes for Salon Superstar Success

If you are an owner with one salon and 6 stylists, you’ll want one “Leader” account with all the bells and whistles for you, and one user account for each stylist:

  • 1x Superstar Educator
  • 6x Design + Finishing

If you are an owner with three salons, each salon needs a Team Leader account and a user account each stylist:

  • 4x Superstar Educator (your “Leader” account lets you set up teams, track progress, and manage purchasing)
  • 18x Design + Finishing (assuming 6 stylists at each of 3 salons)

Superstar Educator

The All-Access Pass

The ultimate salon educator’s resource stacked with teaching tools. Facilitation training, Design, Finishing, the Trainer’s Playbook, plus quarterly live coaching with Chris Baran and Chris Moody, all in one subscription. A $7000 value. That’s nuts. That’s everything you need to become a Superstar Educator.

But Why?

Why does a salon owner/educator need facilitation training?

The best educators in the world don’t just recite the material. They enroll us, they engage us, and anything they say is going to stick with us for life. We want their wins to be our wins. They say celebrate and we say, “Woohoo!” It’s not about pumping us full of information. It’s about getting us pumped up. And who doesn’t want a fully charged up and motivated team?

But wait, there’s more. Clients. Take the friction out of all conversations. Upsell without feeling salesy. Turn every client into a walking testimonial. You will get more rebooks, referrals, and retail sales. Guaranteed.

The Trainer's Playbook

The Swiss Army Knife of Teaching Design

This is your treasure trove of tools for engaging your learners with maximum participation. Use it to prep each lesson the night before, and be ready to change some lives in the morning.

  • how to use the Design videos
  • how to use these videos
  • how to set up the learning environment
  • how to set up your learners to win
  • how to hold your team accountable
  • practiced and proven methods for teaching effectively
  • NEW BONUS: scissor- and body-mechanics skills and drills
  • NEW BONUS: teach your team to determine hairstyle suitability accurately every time

Principle-Based Design

The last haircutting videos you'll ever need.

Complete principle-based hair design training for stylists. See a design and break it down to its elements: point, line, and angle. Master elevation and over-direction. Everything you need to know to create, recreate, and communicate any hair design any time.

Educators can track progress and check quiz results for all their learners through the Group Management menu.

Principle-Based Finishing

Goodbye Guesswork. Hello Guest Work.™

Seven face shapes, four profile types. Straight, wave, frizz, curls. A multitude of brushes and hot tools. Countless hair products. When you know the principles of finishing hair, you will make decisions with confidence. Take your clients from WHAT I HAVE to WHAT I WANT successfully every time.

Educators can track learner progress and check quiz results through the Group Management menu.